A Mad Vox

The mission of A Mad Vox is simple: To offer tools to help you reach your creative writing goals, whether you’re writing a book or making original music to express yourself. The more I’ve used my creative toolkit, the more I’ve learned what works best for me to produce creative projects. I’ll share my best tips on how it’s done, show you how I did a project from start to finish, and how you can do it too!

This Creative Ambitionist

Hi. My name is Madeline Wright and I’m a slashie: a writer, producer, musician, SMART goal-setter, and an avid reader. I’m passionate about pursuing goals in technology, innovation, and more broadly, STEAM. I enjoy making genuine connections with like-minded creatives. I am also the type who likes her hot chai lattes sweet and creamy.

I’ve been tackling ambitious creative projects like annual writing challenges National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo, since 2003), and February Album Writing Month (FAWM, since 2006). Professionally, I shape engaging stories and launch creative experiences for web and mobile. For more about me, visit madelinewright.com.

The Podcast

I started my podcast A Mad Vox because I’ve been fortunate to have received incredible support from a few creative communities over the years. I want to pay it forward to see and celebrate other creative writers as they reach their goals. Have you ever wanted to write a book or create original music to express yourself? If so, you should listenĀ & subscribe to the podcast now in your favorite app. If the show resonates with you, please leave a review!

To get in touch, send me an email and connect with @amadvox on social media.